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Sling TV requires a high-speed internet connection and a compatible device which maybe your smartphone, or a computer, and your television.  Sling TV allows its users to stream television shows from all over the world.  Sling TV is free for a limited period, after which users can continue watching their favorite shows for a monthly fee.  There are more than 150 channels, thousands of streaming hours with impressive picture quality, and quick streaming available at Sling.TV/Activate.

People can access their favorite shows and programs on different devices with the Sling.TV/Activate.  The app provides an ultimate way to watch live TV shows over the internet without any television or cable box.  Sling TV users stream their favorite TV shows through any internet-connected device.  The Sling TV app allows the finest enjoyment on your subscription, which is flexible and cheap than the cable TV provider. Users can explore live sports and other interesting TV shows from the internet anywhere. The interface helps to enhance easy routing via the content. 


Sling has offered three subscription plans namely, Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange plus Sling Blue.   The features of these subscriptions plans are:


The Sling Orange subscription plan provides more than 30 channels and it costs $35 for a month.  The plan is best for sports and families.  The plan allows one device to stream at a time. Sling Orange has various channel lineups, which ensures you check which one has your favorite channel. 


The subscription through Sling Blue allows more than 50 networks and it costs $40. The subscription is perfect for news and entertainment.  The plan allows three devices to stream at one time. 


The combination of blue and orange features costs $50 per month.  The plan has all the channels available at Orange and Blue and offers some add-on channels with added cost per channel. 

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There is no difference in watching movies on Sling TV than having it through cable television services.  Sling TV offers movie rentals as well besides the movies available on live television channels.   If any of the users wish to rent a movie from Sling, they can choose whether to rent it in a standard format or HD format. The standard definition format is of course, less expensive than an HD format.  This is also to note that getting movies on rent from Sling TV has an extra cost other than the monthly subscription charges.  

Users will have a limited amount of time to start watching their movies and finish them after they pay for a movie rental. 


Sling TV streaming service is available on a monthly subscription.  Users can begin or end their subscription at any time.  There is no initial fee or cancellation fee.  

In case, any of the users do not find interest in Sling TV, they can follow the easy procedure to canceling their membership:

  1. Route to your account page and you will see a Cancel Subscription link
  2. Press the Cancel Subscription and briefly state the reason for leaving
  3. Sling will confirm your cancellation and billing will stop immediately. 

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