A Week with Purple Carrot: Here is how it went for me!

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I’ve been wanting to try a meal delivery service for a while now, I got curious about all the fuss around meal delivery services, and so I decided to try one out for a week. I chose Purple Carrot because it bills itself as a plant-based meal delivery service. I wanted to see if it could make being vegan easier and more delicious.

I was drawn to their vegan and vegetarian meal options (I’m not strictly vegan or vegetarian, but I do like to eat meatless meals several times a week). Plus, their website made it easy to see what was included in each meal kit and how long each recipe would take to make.

I opted for the 3-meal per week plan, and my first shipment arrived on a Tuesday. Here’s how it went.

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Meal 1: Spicy Cauliflower Tacos with Lime Slaw and Cilantro Rice

I was really looking forward to this meal because tacos are one of my favorite things to eat. The recipe was pretty straightforward, and it only took about 30 minutes to make. The tacos were delicious, and the lime slaw added a nice zesty kick. I would definitely make this dish again.

Meal 2: Soba Noodles with Gingery Mushrooms and Green Beans

This meal was a bit more time-consuming than the first (it took me close to 45 minutes to make), but it was so worth it. The soba noodles were cooked perfectly, and the gingery mushrooms added a delicious umami flavor. I’m not usually a fan of green beans, but they tasted good in this dish. Overall, an excellent meal.

Meal 3: Red Curry with Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli

I wasn’t sure about this one when I saw it on the menu because I’m not a big fan of curry. But I decided to give it a try, and I’m glad I did! It was much tastier than I thought it would be, and the sweet potatoes and broccoli paired well with the curry flavor. This is another dish that I would definitely make again.

All in all, I had a great experience with Purple Carrot. The meals were delicious, healthy, and easy to make. And best of all, they were meat-free! I highly recommend the Purple Carrot discount code if you’re looking for a good vegan or vegetarian meal delivery service.

If you’re considering trying a meal delivery service but are unsure which one to choose, allow me to recommend Purple Carrot—at least for plant-based eaters. The food is delicious, portions are generous, and best of all, you don’t have to worry about doing any cooking or cleanup yourself!  Also, use our Purple Carrot discount code to save money on your next subscription.

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