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Xfinity is a platform that offers three basic services which are Cable TV, Internet, and phone in packages of two or all three services at a discount rate.  Xfinity TV offers a couple of channels lineups to choose from. Users can access their favorite sports programs and the usual premium channels.  Xfinity has a huge on-demand library for its users to watch what they wish to through Xfinity.com Authorize. 

Xfinity offers reliable services like internet and cable TV to its customers at economical rates under the brand of Comcast which is the parent company that runs Xfinity.   Most of the services offered by Comcast are now offered by Xfinity.  


The amazing cable TV service of Xfinity has an option of 260 channels in HD quality. Users can access sports channels, movie channels, and other entertaining channels to watch with their family with Xfinity TV Service.  Xfinity also allows its users to get access to on-demand channels and a huge library full of movies to watch movies of their choice. The most known package of the company is Xfinity Digital Preferred deal that offers 220 HD channels for its subscribers. 


The strong customer base of Xfinity’s internet service shows the fact that it offers a high-speed internet service with a dependable coverage connection. The various internet speeds range from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps, with an amazing speed of 2 Gig in some areas.  The 100 Mbps subscription package is the most preferred package by the customers of Xfinity Internet as the service is widely available and reliably fast without any pauses. 


It is necessary to install Xfinity Internet and Xfinity TV Service before using the Xfinity Stream App on your Roku Device.  Once the Xfinity Internet and TV services are activated, users can get the app on their Roku Device:

  1. Open the Xfinity app from the Xfinity Channel in the Roku Channel Store and select Sign in.   Users can find the Chanel Store on the home screen of their Roku device by going to the streaming channels section. 
  2. The Roku screen will show an Activation code.  Route to xfinity.com/authorize from any other device like smartphone, tablet, or desktop. 
  3. Enter the activation code on the web browser. 
  4. Sign in through your Xfinity user id and password. 
  5. A success message will appear and the Roku device will be updated accordingly.
  6. Select a name for your device and confirm. 
  7. The main menu will show you that you are ready to start watching the Xfinity app on your Roku device. 
Xfinity Stream App Overview - YouTube


  1. The Device must be on a minimum firmware version i.e. 8.1 b1 or above. 
  2. The Xfinity Stream Channel can only be streamed on Roku Channel Store for eligible devices. 
  3. Users must go through the how-to link Roku guidelines to set the correct default and primary account if any of them has two or more Xfinity accounts. 

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