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Use face roller correctly: which stone suits your skin type perfectly

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The facial roller has become an indispensable part of the beauty routine of skincare professionals. But how do you actually use the tool correctly, how do you care for the stone – and which one is the right one?

These different face rollers exist

The gemstone rollers made of rose quartz and jade are particularly popular and effective. They have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for beauty and anti-aging treatments for thousands of years. Face rollers made of precious stones such as amethyst, rock crystal, jasper, aventurine or amber are currently very popular. The perfect addition to the facial massage tool: the Gua Sha stone . The dream team Gua-Sha and facial roller is often offered in a set, which is not only good for our skin, but also for the wallet.

Rose quartz roller

Rose quartz is an important and powerful energy stone with excellent properties for body and mind. The pink semi-precious stone is particularly suitable for sensitive and sensitive skin. The rose quartz roller has a calming effect on the skin and helps to relieve tension. After a short period of use, the complexion becomes beautifully rosy and even and the skin supple and firm.

Jade roller

The green jade stone is not only a real eye-catcher. The healing power of the gem indicates a regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect. It is therefore particularly recommended for skin prone to blemishes, which it supports in healing. Jade naturally has a cooling touch and promotes blood circulation in the skin.

Tips for the correct use of face rollers

Facial cleansing:

First, remove your make-up thoroughly and, if necessary, place a hot washcloth or cloth on your face so that the pores can open and the care products can be worked into the skin even better.


The right product is crucial! Depending on your needs, you should distribute your serum, crème or oil evenly on the face with the roller at the beginning. Alternatively, you can use a sheet mask and roll over the mask.

Facial massage:

The optimal use of the Face Roller starts from the center of the face. First under the eyes, then from the bridge of the nose towards the hairline, continue rolling over the eyebrows to the temples. Then gently run over the lips up to the jaw with a little more pressure. If you like, you can also extend the application to the neck and décolleté .

Clean face roller:

At the end of the treatment you should definitely clean your beauty tool to prevent impurities later. Simply wash off with lukewarm water and let dry on a towel.

What is the effect of the massage with the facial roller?

The daily use of the massage roller has an extremely positive effect on your skin and prevents wrinkles. In the morning the scooter conjures up a perfect glow and in the evening it helps to remove the pollutants ideally via the lymph flow. In addition to the calming and cooling effect, the Face Roller has an anti-aging effect. The gentle exertion of pressure during the massage stimulates the skin’s own elastin and collagen formation, making the skin on the face more elastic and plump. It feels even and rosy after the treatment with the facial roller. Dark circles and other puffiness around the eyes are visibly reduced with regular use.

Which facial roller is right for me?

The most important fact in advance: Face rollers are suitable for every skin type! Facial massage rollers are an ideal addition to any care routine. Which model suits you and your skin best, can depend on the choice of healing stone. Rose quartz is recommended for sensitive skin. If you are more prone to blemished skin, the jade stone is a good choice. Most important, however, is that the beauty tool lies comfortably in the hand and ideally has two roles: a larger and a smaller one, so that all areas of the face can be ideally massaged.

The best products: This roller suits you (healing stone effect)

Red jasper: detoxifying effect

Black jade: smoothing effect

Amber: antibacterial and anti-aging properties

Yellow aventurine: For glowing skin

Tiger’s eye: Stabilizes the hormonal balance, good for digestion

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