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The Ultimate Guide to Get the Best Silk

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We have all heard it “smooth as silk”, this idiom came into being in 1900 when China discovered its biggest exporting product. The country annually produces 150,000 metric tons every year.

Silk is known to be the strongest naturally produced fiber in the world. The threads of the fabric are naturally durable and sustainable, which makes it the most popular natural fiber. However, many silk producers have disgraced the material by adding synthetic fibers with the original. This is not only harmful to the consumer but to the environment as well.

This is where LilySilk takes the throne, with great integrity and loyalty the company has been creating silk products. From hypoallergenic bedding to comfortable pajamas, the company has never failed to impress the masses. You can also use the LilySilk promo code to reduce the price on your total.

The company is a favorite among some celebrities as well; Lucy Hale, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nina Dobrev, Meghan Trainer, Melissa Rauch, and Voila Davis too.

There are several reasons why these celebrities have picked LilySilk as its first choice for Silk bedding, pajamas, lingerie, scarves, button-down shirts, etc. Here are some you will enjoy yourself:

1.     Environmental friendly:

There is no denying that the planet does not need any more pollutants. However, the fashion industry negates all this cause. The fashion industry produces the second largest ocean and land pollution after the oil industry.

 Unfortunately, due to fast fashion, men and women feel the urge to newest and trendiest clothes.

The fact that fashion changes so quickly and with a very low price point, makes it even harder to control the pollution.

LilySilk breaks all the barriers:

  • The company LilySilk has transformed the way raw materials are transformed into statement pieces. The silk for the piece of clothing is obtained from Mulberry trees that require less water than Mimosa trees. Lesser than cotton itself.
  • Usually, silk trees are sprayed with pesticides that harm the soil and ozone layer. LilySilk doesn’t believe in harming the environment to get high-quality silk.
  • At LilySilk they believe in using what nature provides in its rawest form without any damage done to the planet. Therefore if you want to be part of the cause then you should think about switching to eco-friendly clothing.

2.     Investing rather than purchasing

How many times have you been fooled by the “limited collection” scam? Fast fashion stores and boutiques sell limited or premium edition clothing which is far from the reality. These clothes are part of the same mass production as the rest of the clothes in the store. You will always find the same blouse, skirt, trousers or shirt on someone else.

LilySilk has a unique perspective

  • This is why LilySilk makes it a point to create clothes that are for the people who make a request for the selected item. These pieces of clothing are customized and produced according to the client’s request. You won’t find similar pieces that are produced in mass production for all the customers.
  • The LilySilk advise their clients to invest in pieces they can repurpose and use in multiple ways. This way, the clients won’t have to spend a lot on clothes and still receive clothes that can sensibly style in multiple ways.
  • The company also uses the leftover cutting material for smaller items; silk eye masks, scarves, and scrunches. The designs are classic and simple to reduce wastage of fabric. These designs can be worn in any era.

3.     Premium quality Mulberry fibers

You will always find words like “best silk” and “high-quality silk” but in reality the fibers that are used to create silk material are synthetic.

The so-called silk is composed of more synthetic fibers rather than natural silk fibers. These are made up of the necessary and rare fossil fuels. Consuming more energy and less production.

The natural fiber of silk can be degraded within a year or five, the decomposition doesn’t take long. However, synthetic fibers take 50 times more time to decompose.

LilySilk fiber is the best of the best

  • When we say that the company LilySilk puts out the best material, we aren’t exaggerating. You find that the material is one of the finest you will encounter.
  • They have over 12 years of experience creating silk and making material out of these fibers. A lot of consideration goes into the making of the material.
  • The product is authentic, original, and of premium quality. The company advocates for Mulberry silk only as the material is the highest quality of silk.
  •  Their silk material is known as the “Queen of fiber” which means that you pay for the most natural and good quality fiber.
  • Every fabric is shaped into a clothing piece with great artistry.

4.     Chemical free material

When it comes to the silk material, most of the silk in the market has been soaked in chemicals. These can be in the shape of a dye, stabilizer, heavy metals, Chlorobenzenes, and Organotin compounds. These chemicals can cause allergic reactions to your skin and respiratory organs.

A lot of people can’t find the source of their constant allergies. Fake silk bedding and pajamas can cause more damage than you can think. These chemicals can cause rashes and allergies.

LilySilk has the solution

The silk material from LilySilk is OEKO-TEX® certified. The material is free of harmful chemicals and they can prove it with an A-grade certification body.

The international OEKO-TEX® Association textile test institutes can easily determine if a material is hypoallergenic. This is why LilySilk has had its material tested through the certification body to ensure its clients can use its products without stress.

The most important thing about getting a silk material product is that, it has to be original authentic, and free from chemicals and when you invest your money in LilySilk you get just that. If you don’t believe us, ask the 13,000 authentic reviews and testimonials present on the website. Now you get a discount with the LilySilk promo code on the high-quality material.

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