The Pros & Cons of Overstock Credit Card

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The Overstock Credit Card seems a reasonable option for people who often shop at and are constantly looking for any rewards against the spending they do. The best part about this card is it does not have an annual fee and lets you enjoy interest-free spending (for a certain period) and there are many benefits for the cardholder as well. Just search for Overstock credit card login and you can get your account now. 

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The Comenity Bank i.e. the card issuer has been working with several well-reputed companies that tailor the reward programs and also the bonuses for only retail partner customers, if we may say so in this case Overstock as well. The Overstock credit card is a very good choice with a range of 580 to 850 and you will only need 60 seconds to get it approved through Overstock credit card login. 

However, there are some drawbacks to this card. Such as, this card is not very versatile and comes with a high APR. It also comes with the potential for high fees because of the deferred interest. You can look at the pros and cons list before investing yourself in this card. 

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Overstock Credit Card at a Glance

     Summary of Card Info

   Overstock Credit Card·        No annual fees required

Spend $300 & get $30 Off on first purchase

Interest Rate: 26.99% variable APR

Recommended Credit Scores: 580+

Approved in as fast as 1 minute


Late Payment Charges: up to $40

Returned Payment Fees: up to $40

Additional Cardholders: $0

With the Overstock credit card, you can enjoy the exclusive offers and also receive special rewards when you shop on This card cannot be used elsewhere but only at Overstock itself. 

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Therefore, the card can only be sued at Overstock and no other retailers or either for ATM purposes. 

You can get $30 off as a Welcome reward when you place your first order. But keep in mind, the minimum purchase should of $300. 

There are no fees attached when you want to open the account, but simply go to Overstock Credit Card login. However, to avoid the interest and other fees, you will need to make timely payments otherwise you will be penalized. But if you get to achieve the special financing offers then you are applicable to defer these payments for an associated period. 

The Fastest Overstock Credit Card Score Needed

The Overstock credit card does not have an expiry and is valid as long as you can use it. However, according to the Comenity notes, the inactive accounts will be canceled out for security purposes.

You may also add up to 4 buyers that you authorize on your account. So if you have friends or family that also want to shop at Overstock it would be convenient for all of you. Get your Card through Overstock credit card login now and get your card in less than a minute. 

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