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Millions of people gather every day to share their experiences through games on Roblox. The variety of gameplay on Roblox is limitless due to the imagination of the players.  The Roblox community creates online games for other members of their mindset. Players can themselves build themes, compete in a professional car race or become a superhero and hang out with their friends.  

The Stylish Roblox includes tools with which to write user styles and can be installed user styles written by other Stylish users from another website. 


Roblox is a safe and fun place for its members.  The members are the best defenders of their accounts from scammers and thieves.  The helpful information below will keep your account safe from any future mishap:


The most common mistake players have done is to share their login information directly with others or by filling out online surveys.  Do not give your login details to anyone and be sure to report them to arbitrators using the Report Abuse feature of the Sylilsh Roblox.  Remember that Roblox employees will never ask for your password details. 

One of the common tricks is the claim of getting a prize of free Roblox in exchange for your account details.  Be careful with these scams. 


Verification of your email address is an easy way to reset the Password feature if you forget your password. The process to verify your email address is:

  1. Log into your account. 
  2. Go to the account settings.
  3. Select the Account info. 
  4. Select the Verify Email button. 
  5. An email will be sent to your email inbox. 
  6. Follow the instructions from the email received in your email box. 

If in case, you did not receive the email with a few minutes, it is better to check your junk folder first.  If it is still not received, you can add to your address book and try again. 

Is Roblox safe for children - see parent's guide | Internet Matters


Roblox provides features like “Account Restrictions” to help parents and guardians to have the option to limit chat to access their kid’s account.  Parents can also lock their kid’s contact settings, which cannot be changed.  There is a control of Age Verification for anyone 13 years of age or older with a government-issued identity card which helps to enable age-appropriate experiences and capabilities for the users, to express themselves safely and respectfully. 

Parents of young people are always looking to have more visibility and control over their kid’s purchases.  The parental control is a secure option for parents to set monthly spending restrictions on under 13 years of age accounts and elect to receive email notifications from Roblox on all the activities performed by their kids.   For the notifications to be received on parents’ email, they just have to make sure to add their email address to the kid’s account under “Account Info” in settings.  Later, at any stage, the parent PIN will be required for any change in the settings.

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