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Microsoft 365 gives you the biggest advantage of the ability to work from anywhere, provided if you have an internet connection.  People can access their email, files, and other office programs from any location and on any device.  Whether you are connecting with your family or friends or your business community, Microsoft 365 allows you to meet and call in just one place through Microsoft 365 Outlook Login. 

Microsoft Office has a related account for all Microsoft 365 subscriptions as well as non-subscription versions of Microsoft Office.  One can install or reinstall Office to manage your subscription at Microsoft 365 Outlook Login.


Sign in with your personal Microsoft account at The upper right corner shows the account name and selects View account from the list of options.   You can manage your Microsoft product linked with this account and depending on your program, you can:

  1. Manage your Microsoft account, update your password, and set additional security settings, and update billing information. 
  2. You can view all the programs including other office products that are linked with this account. 

Your account can be a new or existing Microsoft account.  Many people have a bother type of account but it depends on what you are trying to do. Normally, you need an account to:

Install & Activate Office – Your accounts shows the licensing authority in many new versions of the office.  You can use this account to sign in to Office on your device.

Access your email and other services – You would also need this account to access your Outlook email and contacts or any other fil you saved to a Microsoft such as OneDrive, Teams, or SharePoint.


Microsoft 365 is a secured platform with refuge security measures in place.  The two-factor authentication ensures no other person can access your files, even if they happen to get to your device.  Threat detection and security threats are identified and stopped immediately.  

The data is stored in the cloud and regularly backed up, which helps organizations to continue to operate as normal in the case of any adversity at the office.  Your email, files, and data are safely stored, even if the device is damaged or broken. Individual emails and the entire inbox can be restored through recovery features. 


Apps like Word, Excel, and Outlook are included and online work is possible without any other software. Upgrades are automatically programmed, so there is no need to worry about the latest versions.  The cost of new software is also eliminated as the updates are included in the subscription for your Microsoft Office 365 licenses.

Microsoft 365 Universal Toolkit for Teamwork Yammer Outlook


You can share mailboxes, contacts, and edit documents in real-time at Office 365. You can see who is in your organization is available, so that you can schedule a meeting for everyone.  People can access the same mailbox.  A range of features is available at Office 365 for all types of business houses. Business houses can subscribe to Office 365 for their suitability as per the size of the company and number of users. 

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