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The paid television network The Investigation Discovery Go is known as IDGO.  It spectacles documentary content based on genuine crime cases such as kidnapping, sexual assault, and domestic violence cases.  To watch these true crime stories, browse through your streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Xbox One.  This content will highlight the activation of IDGO on your devices using code. 

Users can activate the IDGOapp as follows:

  1. Users can install the IDO app from the device app store and open the app.   They will see a channel activation code on the screen with instructions on how to activate it. 
  2. Go the from your smartphone or computer and put the IDGO activation code in the activation box and press the Activate button. 
  3. With the help of the instructions on your screen, users can complete the activation process. 


To stream the IDGO content on your big screen, you will have to download, install, and active the app on your Roku device through these below guidelines:

  1. Start Roku and use the remote to route to the Home screen.
  2. Through Streaming Channels, go to the Roku Channel Store. 
  3. The IDGO channel is available in the Roku Store, however, if one could not find it there, they can get it through the search field option. 
  4. Use Add Channel button to add the channel to your Roku Channel list. 
  5. Start the app using the Roku remote.
  6. Users will need to enter their IDGO login details on the sign-in screen and they will get a unique code.
  7. Through your smartphone or computer, go to the authorized IDGO activation page and enter your code. 
  8. Select Activate after entering the code
  9. On your Roku screen, there will be a message showing Congratulations.
  10. Users can now start streaming content of IDGO on their Roku TV. 


The following steps will get you to IDGO channel on your Amazon Fire TV device:

  1. Open the Amazon App Store on your Amazon Fire TV. 
  2. Put the channel name in the search bar and it will appear on your screen
  3. Install the app on your Amazon Fire TV device and sign in to your IDGO account using your TV provider details. 
  4. The successful login will show you a unique code on the TV screen. 
  5. Open the web browser on your smartphone or computer device and go to the web page and click the Activate button after putting the activation code on the given box

Users can now easily stream IDGO content on their Fire TV once the activation is done. 

Activate IDGO Channel On Roku, Fire TV, Apple, Android, Xbox


These simple instructions will activate IDGO on your Android TV:

  1. Turn on your Android TV
  2. Use TV remote to route the Play Store
  3. Get the app through the search bar and download the app to your Android TV
  4. Open the IDGO app on your TV and log in your details for IDGO account to get an activation code. 
  5. Through your smartphone or PC, open the browser and insert the activation code on, and then activate the app. 

Your device will be activated in a few seconds and ready to stream IDGO content. Users can easily stream video content of IDGO on their Android TV once it has been activated. 

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