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There is a variety of music streaming platforms due to the competitive industry.  Prime Music has more than 2 million free songs and more than 70 million songs with only $7.99 per month through Amazon Prime.  The uses have the benefit of cross-platform for listening to their favorite songs.  Users can download the app on their mobile and desktop as well as they can listen on the web or connected devices through Prime Music Sign-in.

The Amazon Prime members offer access to Prime Music which can be downloaded on various devices through Prime Music Sign-in.  The Amazon Prime members have access to more than two million songs through the basic version of Prime Music.  With the subscription fee for Prime Music, users can get up to more than 70 million songs. 

Users can create playlists, download tunes for offline play on their phone through the Prime Music app.  People who do not have Prime membership can also enjoy free streaming music via Amazon’s Alexa. 


  1. Access to your Amazon account. 
  2. Click the box through the three parallel lines at the left corner of the screen
  3. Click Amazon Music. 

Users will be routed to a home page that is meant for the Amazon music experience.  Through the menu on the left side of the screen can be used to create, access, and add to playlists to search your favorite album, artists and you can create the musical experience you want. 

Users can also pause, play or skip the songs on their computer while playing Prime Music.  Users can browse through all the titles available with the search option.  


The google play store will help download the Amazon Music app. 

Launch the app and enter your Amazon login details such as email and password on your Prime Account.

The My Music option at the bottom of the app will customize your home screen, where you can see the playlists.  Users can create new lists as well as they can see the songs which were recently added to the music list. 

The basic control of play and pause are also available while your favorite song is playing.  Users can also skip the song or shuffle or repeat any particular song from the circle at the center bottom of the screen. 

Amazon Music Unlimited vs. Prime Music | soda


For a small amount of money worth $7.99 per month, Amazon Prime Music is available unlimited.  The unlimited subscription also scattered one of the major issues for the basic Prime Music listens that is the songs disappearing from the catalog and through the subscription, it remains in your sight and access. The upgrade subscription of Prime Music also allows its users to play music on more than one device at the same time.  

The Prime Music players have their details with facts, credits, and lyrics.  Mobile users can tape the X-ray at the bottom of the screen to get additional information for the songs or albums.  For computer users, there is an option of a Lyrics button under the current song to start following along. 

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