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For those of you who have not tried it yet, AMC Plus is a TV channel streaming service that has original content as well as a number of TV shows and movies. It is completely Ad-Free.

The cost to access AMC Plus ranges from $7 to $9 a month.

Subscribers can also view new episodes of TV shows on this channel.

A Product of the Digital Era

The digital era is here to stay. As media companies realize this, an increasing number of them have begun to release their own on-demand streaming services in their quest to take advantage of the growing popularity of this phenomenon. 

The AMC Network joined this bandwagon on its launch of the AMC Plus channel back in 2020. For this purpose, it combined programs from the AMC cable channel and other services.

Using the AMC Plus subscription, users can watch the latest episodes of popular shows without a regular cable subscription from the channel.

Before you decide whether AMC Plus is good for you, do read this review to find out the core features, subscription costs, premier TV shows and more that are available through this subscription.

What is AMC Plus?

AMC Plus is a completely ad-free channel that streams on-demand content through its AMC network. Other content collaborators are IFC, Sundance TV and BBC America. 

The AMC Plus service has a lot of original content as well as popular movies and TV series.

The cost of AMC Plus

An AMC Plus subscription has a monthly cost between $7 to $9, depending on the sign up option you choose. 

Users having a valid subscription to TV providers with the AMC channel can get the AMC Plus added on for $7 monthly. 

Users who sign up via the AMC website can use the single service for $9 monthly. The AMC Plus website also offers an annual subscription that costs an average of $7 monthly. Contrasted with the yearly $9 plan, this saves you $24 annually.

AMC Plus can also be added on to other streaming applications, such as Apple Television or Amazon Prime Video. This add-on service will also cost $9 monthly.

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Using the AMC Plus free trial option

Thankfully, new subsribers can claim a week long free trial of AMC Plus. They have to sign up directly using the AMC Plus website. The weekly trial option is also available through YouTube TV, Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video.

Subscribing to AMC Plus

If you want to see the AMC Plus on your TV, you will have to buy a membership using the AMC website or even a third-party platform like Sling TV or Amazon Prime Video. Although AMC Plus allows a mobile app for streaming, users cannot buy a new subscription through this application.

Users can enjoy watching AMC Plus as an add-on using third-party services like Comcast, or Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video  or the Roku Channel, Xfinity or Dish, DirecTV or Sling TV, and YouTube TV 

How users can stream AMC Plus

For users who buy a subscription through the AMC Plus website, they can stream content from the dedicated AMC Plus application  on their web browser or mobile phone, or use Roku or Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV. 


All subscribers who get a subscription using third-party services such as Amazon Prime Video Channels can only use AMC Plus using the stated third-party application, Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video.


Getting popular TV shows and movies using AMC Plus

Users will be pleased to see that the AMC Plus channel provides them with access to hundreds of hours of selected content. Subscribers may stream every episode of  popular TV shows and movies. 

The folks at AMC Plus are always busy updating and refreshing the movie and TV content that is available on the channel. Therefore viewers will always find something new to watch every time.  

AMC Plus and the AMC channel live

Unfortunately, as of now users will not get access to the AMC channel live through an AMC Plus subscription. 

Therefore to watch the AMC streaming service programs, subsribers will need to find a cable, satellite or live TV streaming service provider with access to the AMC Plus and AMC Live channels.

So users will have to look around for a reputed TV service provider who will give them access to the AMC Plus and AMC Live channels.  

Thankfully this is not very difficult these days, as one can easily find a reliable and dependable service provider who gives such services in a particular area. It needs a bit of finding out and networking through the neighborhood. 

Be sure that your selected TV service provider also knows how to solve the usual problems that may occur with this service. 

This will save you a lot of time, effort and worry if you face any difficulties in setting up the channels or in subscribing or indeed, any other matter that can affect the proper and reliable use of the channels. 

Accessing new episodes of AMC shows with AMC Plus

A wonderful benefit available to AMC Plus subscribers is that they can achieve early access to new episodes of selected AMC streamed television shows. 

Presently, AMC subscribers can take in new episodes connected with Season 11 of The Walking Dead as prior as one week before the series is broadcasted through AMC. 

AMC Plus has previously offered prior access to new episodes of other popular television series and episodes, which was highly in demand and appreciated by subscribers. 

However, this might not apply to all popular TV shows and episodes that are aired or in demand. It really depends on the program and its distribution rights.

Solving Problems in Setup and Activation

If you are facing any problems in setting up or activating AMC Plus or AMC Live, please contact your TV service provider. You can even go to the support page that is available on the website to sort out the particular issues that you are facing.

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